Feedback – Round 2

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Feedback … figure I would keep this topic going this week as I continue to develop an adequate system that gives the results I’m after. I moved on from Gradeable to a stopgap app on my mac, PDFpenPro. I have now moved on to a different app, Notability, which is available in the App Store.  Here is a screenshot.


You may be familiar with the iPad version, as it is great note-taking app. I have used it on my iPad and just discovered the recent release of the Mac version for my laptop. It presently has some limitations in comparison to the iPad version but used it to generate feedback the last two weeks and love it so far. Time is precious to a teacher and I need to improve the speed in generating these papers. I believe this extra effort on my part to fine tune and hone in this process will result in my students improving their achievement in mathematics. Time will tell of course. My dream tool would be to have a database designed to keep track of particular tags (mistakes and errors) as I markup the papers. Importing those papers into a database that has markup tools to annotate on while keeping track of all that data along the way to analyze later… May have to develop something like this in my free time…this could be doable.

Back to feedback.



Friday was the 2nd time of observation as I handed back their quiz papers. Again, overall pretty good conversations going on among them. As I mingled, one thing I noticed is that some students did not actually read the feedback. It’s one thing to look at red ink and another to actually read and understand it. I asked them what I put on their paper, and then they really read it for the first time. There seems to be this disease in the Jr. High age of students. If someone has an antidote or way to counteract this, please let me know. For now it seems my solution is to make sure to make my rounds of each group of students to ask them about their feedback. I may experiment with my 1st period and have them find their errors, redo those problems, and then come show me their solutions. If that works, then I may do that with my following periods.

Overall, the scores on their weekly SBG quizzes improved. The same minority few are still making the same mistakes. I realize this is an immediate benefit of providing feedback. I find myself looking much closer at each and every paper than I ever did before. “Wow, Kimberly is making the same mistake again. So is Jenna. Wonder how and when I can remediate this error right away with these students in order to get them to reach proficiency in this standard.” I am already thinking about their errors and devising a re-teach either incorporated in my next lesson(s) to address it or doing a pullout for those particular students. Maybe I should call this the “Response-to-Feedback” phenomena.

See you next week.






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